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Live your best life now

Maybe you are like me. I am a man. Yes, a man. I love sports (Especially football).

I drink beer and I like cooking dead animals. I believe that my main role in life is to provide for and protect my family. I work hard, I mow the lawn, I play with my grandkids, and I love life. My heroes are the Duke and Dirty Harry. My music is Kiss, Van Halen and Jimmy Buffett. I am a Buckeye and a Bengal. I own a firearm (Or 3), I am more than happy to use them to protect my family, but I will not use them to endanger yours.

I am John Q public and I make no apology for it. This is who I am.

When I hit around 40 years old, something happened. I found myself laying on the couch a lot more. I wanted to nap when I got home from work. I didn't care about my sports teams. I even lost interest in sex. I started getting fat and lazy. people told me, "Hank, you are just getting old". I was 40! I still had a lot of life left in me. I couldn't even retire for over 20 years! There was no way that this was NORMAL!

I went to my doctor. She checked a lot of stuff. The diagnosis was something that no man wants to hear but nearly 100% of us eventually will... Hypogonadism. Hypo means low and every 6-grade boy knows what gonads are. The more acceptable term is low testosterone although, that is not much better!

Low T is an extremely common condition that is brought about by time, environment and increased body fat. Nearly everything we eat, drink or breath is filled with endocrine disrupting chemicals that not only destroy our testosterone. They also cause inflammation that plays a huge role in the most common "Lifestyle diseases" that plague society. These include heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and many autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis and Crohn's disease.

Although it is nearly impossible to avoid most of these chemicals, it is possible to replace the testosterone that has been taken from you. If you are interested in Testosterone Optimization Therapy (TOT), contact me at (740) 858-For more details, please sign or email me at For more information, sign up for my weekly email where I go into much more detail about testosterone optimization therapy.

Thanks, and stay strong!


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